Our Top 12 Tweets of 2015

Our best moments via @DIYGirls Top Tweets

We’ve created our very own DIY annual report using tweets from the past year. We selected 12 of our top retweeted and liked tweets.  From photos of our girls in action, to field trips, to live tweets during the Superbowl these tweets capture the essence of our work and activities in 2015.

Our top tweet of the year received 229 retweets and 166 likes!  


12. Making for Good

This year we were fortunate to receive a grant from the California Endowment. The goal of the project was for girls to design and build interactive games and exhibits that address community health issues. One of the projects was ‘Wheelchair 2.0’. In 2016, our making for good projects will focus on air quality

11. Sony PlayStation Field Trip

As part of our summer camp, we visited Sony Santa Monica where girls got an inside look into how video games are designed. This was one of many field trips we coordinated this year to expose our girls to tech careers in LA. We also visited Disney Interactive, GM Design Center, Warner Bros, Art Center College of Design and USC.

10. DIY Bots workshop

This video of Girl Scouts making bots at our December weekend workshop at Blankspaces in Mid-Wilshire was very popular. We plan to offer more weekend workshops in 2016 all over LA. If you’re not in LA, you can still make our favorite projects with our kit!

9. CODE Documentary screening

We’re proud to be an active member of a community of organizations working to expose women and girls to coding. When the Code documentary was screened in LA we helped promote it and had an info booth there. 

8. Dancing and electronics

If you follow us on Twitter, you know we love sharing interesting and creative DIY projects. This electronic ballet slippers project was our followers’ favorite of 2015. 

7. Classroom Makerspace signs

In the Fall, we created these signs for our classroom makerspaces at elementary schools. Educators have contacted us asking for electronics copies and we’re happy to now offer free downloads!

6. The reason our programs start in elementary school

5. Girls making and creating

This year we offered our afterschool program at six LAUSD elementary schools. Thanks to our school partners for allowing us to turn classrooms into pop-up makerspaces.

4. Girls are interested in STEM

We really believe in this statement from Verizon’s #InspireHerMind campaign. Even more than just showing girls we offer girls opportunities to do what engineers do. As a result, after participating in our program, 97% of girls are interested in participating in more STEM-related activities.

3. Thank you sponsors

Our Summer Camp Indiegogo campaign raised over $10,000. Thanks to in-kind sponsors that offered perks to our supporters. The God of War pack and the meat paddle from Nick Offerman’s Woodshop were popular. 

2. #Likeagirl superbowl commercial

So when did doing something ‘Like a Girl’ become an insult? The Always #likeagirl commercial aired during the Superbowl and had one of the highest mentions on social media. Of course we joined in and tweeted several photos of our confident girls!

1. Photos of Women Pioneers

Women have always been involved in developing technology. In fact, women mostly dominated software in the early years of computing. We weren’t surprised at the reaction this tweet received as it’s so great to see photos of these women pioneers and learn more about computing history so we can share with our girls.

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