Join us on #STEMchat – Thurs, 2/12 6pm PST

This Thursday evening, February 12 we will be a panelist on #STEMchat. We were excited when @KimMoldofsky  also known as The Maker Mom asked us to be a part of this Twitter chat. Our founder, Luz Rivas, will be one of the panelists sharing ideas to encourage pathways to engineering careers. She’ll be sharing our experiences  working with hundreds of young girls through our afterschool and summer programs in Los Angeles. 

The chat is sponsored by  Georgia-Pacific  and will take place from 6-7 PM Pacific on Twitter.

Here’s a description of the chat:

We’ll be talking about the E in STEM, Engineering. Some of the most plentiful STEM jobs involve engineering, but the field is about more than just gears and bridges. Engineering is about creating solutions. Join in for #STEMchat as we share ideas to get kids involved in engineering, tips for building skills, and resources to foster their passion in the topic.

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