New Publication for Spanish-Speaking Parents to Encourage Their Kids to Code

Our very own program coordinator and future librarian, Sylvia Aguiñaga (@sylcecil), recently created a booklet, “Código : Creando con Computadoras“, designed for Spanish-speaking parents as part of her work on a new coding program for kids offered by the Los Angeles Public Library. The booklet gives parents of young children resources to get their child started with coding.

We’re proud of Sylvia and are excited to share this resource with the parents of our girls since the majority are Spanish-speaking. The booklet is available as a PDF in Spanish and English. Read more about these resources here

In order for Spanish-speaking parents to support and encourage their child to learn to code, they must first understand the importance of code in today’s world. That is why it is critical to provide approachable Spanish-language resources and craft a clear message.
— Sylvia Aguiñaga in Code for Parents

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