DIY girls Experience Virtual Reality

Last week, DIY girls from our Creative Coding summer camp visited Rabbx Inc., an independent game production company located in Arleta, Los Angeles. Rabbx Inc. specializes in virtual and augmented reality—a topic introduced to our girls as they learned how code can be used to create interactive art experiences. 

We left Rabbx that day feeling like we had visited another world. Girls went to space and the deep sea virtually with the HTC Vive, a virtual reality headset developed by HTC and Valve Corporation. This device turns a room into a 3D environment using sensors. The sensor set up allows users to navigate a space naturally using their entire body. 

It’s hard to explain how you feel when experiencing virtual reality for the first time. For me, I felt like I found my happy place — completely enraptured in the world of art, technology, and magic. When I asked our girls about their experience, I received a resounding, “IT WAS SO COOL” (my first thoughts as well). Girls had similar words to express their feelings, however, so much more was communicated to me with the excitement in their eyes and smiles. I could tell that they had just experienced something they had never seen before— and that is important. 

Girls also got to play with an augmented reality game created by Rabbx Inc. called, Ghostly Mansion. In this game, you become a ghost imprisoned inside your home. In order to release your spirit and be at peace, you must unravel the mystery of your death. The girls absolutely love this game — although many asked Tori, co-creator of Ghostly Mansion, when “the scary parts happen”. 

Speaking directly with the creators of the product made their experience whole. They were not just playing a game. They were actively analyzing its design and engaged in conversation with awesome engineers. 

To top off what was already an amazing tour, the neighboring production studio gave us the opportunity to see a REAL spaceship…prop studio and the largest green screen I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen so many selfies taken in my life. It was an unforgettable experience for both DIY Girls staff, and the girls. 

We ended the tour with a Q & A with Tori, Aaron, and Joe —innovative entrepreneurs in the field of creative technology. I was impressed with the questions our girls asked and thankful for the openness of our hosts. Girls learned about the different ways VR can be used to change the world. They learned about importance of internships and education, but most of all, girls learned how critical it is to follow what you’re passionate about in life.

A big thank you to Jo Wright, our DIY Girls Board Member, for connecting us with Rabbx. 

– written by Sylvia Aguinaga, Director of Curriculum

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