2022 – 2023 Invent Girls

2022-2023 Invent Girls

For the past year, the Invent Girls, which consisted of 14 students from San Fernando High School, focused on creating a prototype of an Arduino- powered self-watering plant pot that monitors soil moisture, sunlight intake, and provides visual feedback!

Teams were divided into different sub-groups that focused on a specific part of the entire project; the Sensors Team, the Design Team, and the Mechatronics Team. Each week they tackled hands-on activities like connecting and programming the sensors that monitor the plant’s sunlight and water intake—creating the self-watering system for the plant to have it switch on and off depending on if the plant needed to be watered at that time. And creating the template for the LED Matrix’s back casing through a program called Tinkercad, designing the case from scratch for the team to then use. Check out the showcase below.

The Showcase

Thank You to Our Invent Girls Funders

Deloitte Foundation, Los Angeles Giving Circle Fund, Southern California Gas Company, the Horowitz Family Foundation, and the Peter and the Candis Doerken Foundation.

Thank you to the following funders who also made this program possible:

Dwight Stuart Youth Fund, Frank McHugh-O’Donovan Foundation, Google Community Grants Fund, Henderson Engineers, L.A. Care Health Plan, Microsoft, PhRMA, and The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation.

To see a complete list of our funders, click here.

Shoutout to the team behind the scenes

Thank you to our instructors, staff, volunteers, and Programs Manager, Stacey, for their endless dedication to this program. Thank you all for giving rise to makers and for showing our students that the future is theirs to make!

Program Highlights