Middle school programming for 6th-8th grade students


Tech & Arts

Our Tech & ARts program engages middle school girls and gender-expansive youth by combining the art of painting with the art of making, soldering, and coding, where students will paint a unique canvas and bring it to life by adding LED lights and 3D-printed elements. Students will learn about a different theme every year, such as biomes, endangered species, green agriculture, and space. Participants will utilize creativity and critical thinking to design and successfully execute their projects, all while approaching failure as an opportunity for collaboration. In 2022-2023, we served 144 students through our middle school program.

Students from Middle School Program

Summer Camp

Our Summer Woodworking Camp is a two week-long experience for middle school students. This program introduces students to hands-on engineering, woodworking skills, and encourages technical exploration. Students construct planters from wood using hand and power tools such as a drill, hand saw, table saw, miter saw, hammer, tape measure, and clamps. In 2023, we served 31 participants with our Summer Woodworking Camp.

Picture of Student from Woodworking Camp

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