Learn About Our Partnerships

DIY Girls values our partnerships with outside groups and role models that enrich the experiences of our program participants. We are looking for STEM professionals or other experts from a STEM-related organization to partner with us in one of the following ways:

  • Host an in-person workshop or guest speaker panel at one of our after-school program sites
  • Host a virtual workshop or guest speaker panel with our alumni group
  • Host a field trip to your company headquarters for a group of DIY Girls participants

For in-person workshops or guest speaker panels, we ask that 1-4 representatives select one of our partner schools to present to during our after-school program. Partners will work with DIY Girls staff to prepare a presentation that lasts approximately 1 hour. Guest speakers are encouraged to share:

  • A fun, hands-on activity related to their field
  • The most exciting projects they have worked on
  • Their background and education
  • What made them interested in their field
  • What real-world problems they are working to solve
  • Words of encouragement and inspiration!

For more information, please contact Thank you for your interest!